The Kimberley climate is both beautiful and extreme, covering deserts, tropics and arid-tropics. Designing buildings that work in this climate is important for sustainability, affordable living and to create opportunities to connect with and celebrate the climate. Living up to our name, Engawa aims to create spaces that blur the line between indoor and outdoor. An interesting test is where the outdoor dogs decide their threshold is.

Engaging in research to assist our own learning, we have conducted extensive weather mapping of micro climates around Broome. We continue to develop new strategies and forms in our response to shading and capturing breeze, in a modern context, developing a range of vertical shading solutions.

Both pre and post development weather mapping is conducted to provide evidence based design solutions. Engawa are involved in assessing thermally responsive design outcomes for the main State Government landholder, that applies to most new housing in Broome. In our efforts to increase our own understanding as well as a broader community understanding of climate responsive design, we regularly present in media, public speaking and one on one community advice.