Johnny Chi Lane Canopy Screens

Johnny Chi Lane is an iconic outdoor mall in the centre of Broome’s historical centre and shopping district, Chinatown. The central canopy over Johnny Chi Lane provides shade and sanctuary to tourists and local shoppers, but the tensile canopy was aged and degrading. Engawa Architects was engaged to breathe new life into this Broome icon by renewing the canopy structure. Engawa Architects’ proposal paid homage to the soft diffuse light of the tensile canopy by using translucent polycarbonate sheeting but added a layer of detail and history using laser cut aluminium screens which depict the visual patterns of Broome and historical maps of Chinatown. Engawa Architects worked with local historians and the community to develop the artwork and curate the graphics of the screens to allow good light levels while still presenting visual interest. The canopy has now taken on a new night life as strategic lighting allows the screens to glow at night and continue to display the artwork.