Mimbi Caves

Mimbi is a remote community between Fitzroy Crossing and Halls Creek that is home to a significant network of caves through the ancient geological Devonian Reef system. The site is managed by the Mimbi Aboriginal Corporation, who engaged Engawa Architects to design and deliver an off-grid campground including a camp kitchen, ablutions block and landscaping. These facilities have been achieved in a remote area without access to water, power or sewer networks by utilising robust design and low-tech solutions to allow the campsite to operate and be maintained by the local community. The campground is a robust design solution that pays homage to the Devonian Reef landscape through the extensive use of rockwork and a natural palette of colours. Community members assisted with the design, finding and clearing appropriate rocks as well as the completion of some aspects of the construction works. The success of the campground has led to the development of Stage 2, a Tour Operator Facility, to be designed and delivered by Engawa Architects.