Ngalangangpum School, Warmun

Ngalangangpum School was irreparably damaged by floods in 2011 leading to a major re-build of the school. Whilst many projects in the flooding rebuild enjoyed generous budgets, the school budget was very tight and required discipline at all levels to achieve a positive outcome.

The new school has produced an extremely well equipped K-10 facility including a Trade Skills Centre. The design has met all national curriculum requirements in a modern and comfortable learning environment. Additionally, the school has reinvigorated the ‘two-way’ philosophy with a strong integration of cultural values throughout the school. The school includes bilingual signage with over 40 English/Kija signs. This consultation included extensive work with linguists to establish the correct orthography. There is a Kija centre as well as an outdoor yuwurriyangem jangkirrem or gathering space centred on two kung kung holes. Kung Kung holes are a traditional method of cooking under the ground. Community values are strengthened through magnificent painted art stories throughout the school by internationally renowned Warmun artists.